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On Mothers day I have a special reason to celebrate. I get to share my unique gifts and talents with the world every day through my devotion and care of being a Doctor of Chiropractic. I really would not be sitting here typing this if it was not for my mom. Not just because of the obvious that she brought me into this world, but that I would never of finished my doctorate if she wasn't by my side.


I love SRI. I wish I had been introduced to it years ago. . . .

Here it is! For those who missed my fun interview with Jon Zieve from Trust Your Energy on News for the Soul Radio please listen in to a wonderful energy rich discussion on how we can enjoy and live the best life ever! Listen in to take advantage of a Super Holiday Special just for the month of December!

NSAIDS are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are widely used. You will easily recognize them by brand name. They may certainly give you a false sense of well being in the short term, but NSAIDS can have SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS when taken regularly. Read what you need to know about NSAIDS, why you shouldn't be taking them, and the natural alternatives available to you


Stress is one of the biggest contributing factors to poor health and well being for most people. Want to know how to reduce stress starting today? 

New research shows that chiropractic care increases DNA telomere length. Why should this be important to you? Because it can help you stay healthier and younger longer. Read on...

Webster's notes independence as freedom from outside control or support. Yes! As I work with clients and we enter into level 2 of Network care and/or Stage 4 of SRI I see a shift in their being from outside control. This is a very powerful take back of personal power. This may be from an illness, old stories of disempowerment that no longer serve them or unhealthy influences. This allows for more personal freedom of motion, emotion and healthy lifestyle choices easily made. Taking our power back is an important part of healing. It takes energy of determination and desire to move towards what life is calling for you. I love taking people on this journey and seeing folks come alive and start to live happy, healthy lives. From black and white to technicolor! Hope your Independence Day was wonderful and I hope this blog got you thinking if you really do live independently. If not, I would love to get you on that path. 

I was working with a practice member last week and she expressed her anxiety over the current affairs of the world and especially the recent Orlando shooting. I often check in with my patients to see how they are feeling to better serve them. She was in for a Network session. Each level of care coincides with an energetic body and can be linked to a feeling or an emotion. So having me know how she feels tells me how to address her nervous system through what energetic body. She said that the recent happenings left her nervous and feeling helpless. I immediately changed care strategy and decided to use Somato Respiratory Integration with her instead. Stage 1 to be specific. Connecting in the the helpless feelings through breath, touch and movement she was able, through her nervous system, make sense of how this was affecting her and rose though the experience feeling much more connected and at ease. Just a reminder that no matter what comes our way or even in the way of others we can connect in and release. When we hold on to these feelings they will affect us and those around us, they even boomerang around the world. What ever is repressed and suppressed with express somewhere else. Let's stay connected to keep our nervous system clear of interference. For yourself, others around you and the world.

Living a healthy life style is the most natural way to reduce stress. Sweet and simple improvements like better choices in diet, more exercise and restful sleep can make a huge difference in how stress affects you and how you deal with it. Though stress is impossible to completely avoid, you can deal with stressful situation in a more effective manner. Examine how you deal with stress, then think of positive ways to cope. Be aware of your own tension. It is vital to recognize the areas in your life that inflict the greatest levels of stress. Once you recognize these stressors you can work appropriately to minimize or eliminate them. (Smile) Knowing how to manage stress it the key. Here are a few suggestion we think will assist you in staying flexible, relaxed and clam in or around stressful environments: Go for a walk, Call a good friend, Play with a pet, Exercise, Take a long bath, Get a message, Work in the garden, Listen to music, Read a book or watch a comedy

Developed in the late 1970s, Network Spinal Analysis or NSA has transpired a body of research to back up its claims. The University of California found that 76% of its study's 2,818 NSA patients self-reported significant improvements in their level of physical, emotional, stress, and life enjoyment factors. Some of the specific benefits people can experience from Network care include:

1. less pain and tension
2. fewer headaches
3. increased energy
4. improved spinal flexibility
5. increased relaxation and well being
6. decreased anxiety
7. improved concentration
8. better stress adaptation

Unlike the standard or traditional chiropractic approach, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) utilizes gentle touch to profoundly release physical and emotional tension. This allows for greater ease and a sense of well-being in daily life. Dr. Rose is very successful in caring for herniated disc, painful sciatica, neck and back pain, and relief of emotional tension. NSA is completely safe and leads to the ability of the body to self-correct. At Healing Care of Austin, we care for the new borns babies, infants, adolescents, teenagers and adults. We have a great success with a wide range of childhood dis-eases, including but not limited to, the following:

Scoliosis  * Birth traumas  *Ear infections  *  Attention deficit disorder  *  Brain damage  *  Congenital heart defect  *  Muscle sprains and strains  *  Weakened immune system-colds, flu, allergies  *  Digestive disorders  * Nervous system stress  *  Herniated or bulging discs  *  Circulation problems related with childhood diabetes

Ten easy steps for the best entrainment everytime!
1. Show up consistently for your entrainments.
2. Be aware of how your body is changing as you get entrained. If you find yourself thinking on the table, bring your awareness back to your breath. Conscious thoughts interfere with your feelings and can distract you from your healing process.
3.Your breath will change while you are getting entrained. Your body uses breath, movement and sounds to unwind stored tension in your body and realign your spine. Listen to your body and allow it to do what is needed to heal.
4. Listen for the commonly unheard, feel for the commonly unfelt, and look within for the commonly unseen. Healing involves growing beyond one's usual frame of consciousness. Your ability to make healthy decisions will improve as your spine gets more flexible and free of interference.
5. Attend the Somato (Body) Respiratory (Breathing) Integration (SRI) Workshops.
6. Read the Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook.
7. Practice Somato Respiratory Integration at home.
9. Encourage all the people you spend time with to get under network care.
10. Know that YOU are the solution.

Here we are at the start of the new year. My favorite holiday moment was at a wonderful party where the hostess gave us all mason jars at the end of the night with the word Gratitude written on the top. With the instructions for whenever we think of something to be grateful for something we write it on a piece of paper and put it in our jar. I loved it!  So remember that whatever we give attention to and is in our foreground of consciousness we create and attract more of it to us. This can be positive or negative. So get your jars, search your heart and let the reasons of gratitude overflow!

I was invited to a wonderful party over the weekend. Christmas festivities. It was a party thrown by a fellow chiropractor and his wife. I was very happy to see that all of the foods and deserts offered were healthy and good for you. I realize that every party is not the same. I have gone to many parties and have to pass up many options by choice. Now I often eat a healthy meal before I go and just graze on the few healthy items that most people put out. A few carrot and celery sticks, fruit and such. Making the socializing the main event. Most times I will bring a healthy dish or my own sparkling water to keep myself from feeling deprived and left out. I have in the past brought unhealthy deserts, most people are grateful but I cant help from feeling like I'm poisoning the guests. I will continue to be brave and bring healthy options, for there are probably more out there like me hanging in the wings hating the selection and the temptation and guilt of not wanting to offend or just plain trying to stick to healthy habits. Host and hostesses cant think of everything and most people think that overindulgence is what the holidays is all about.  I know how hard it is to go to all the events and not fall into the holiday trap. For years I would eat out of not wanting to offend. Now I realize that is really not taking care of my needs. So I politely decline and nibble on the better for you snacks. It always amazes me how some feel sorry for me thinking I am missing out some how. For as good as I feel sticking to a clean way of living I feel for everyone else who really doesn't know how good they can feel by making different choices. Think before you sabotage all your efforts of better health and know that a little "cheating" is ok, but it will catch up on you if your not careful.  Be well and be good to yourself. Really good to yourself.  Have a safe and wonderful holiday season :)

I have been doing a lot of interesting, fun, spiritual activities lately. Started off by going out to South Padre Island, being with the ocean and communing with nature. With not a soul around, I slowed down to listen to the waters music and feel the sun and wind on my skin. Then I had the privilege the following weekend to go to a Transformational Gate. Where, Dr. Donny Epstein, the founder of NSA  (Network Spinal Analysis) and SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration), the two leading edge techniques  I practice at Healing Care of Austin, was hosting a healing workshop. This one in  Denver CO, although they are hosted all over the world many times a year.  This is a space where practioners and practice members from all over the world can come to have a weekend of intense healing and connection. Then I traveled off to Ottowa Canada to attend a coaching and life development seminar hosted by two of the leading pioneers of Network Spinal Analysis in the world; Dr. Domonique Hort and Dr. Pierre Brunier. It is a blessing to have these mentors assist me in developing the practice and life of my dreams. When I got back I attended a magical, spiritual concert of Deva Premal, Miten and Manose at a local church here in Austin TX. Many of you that come to Healing Care of Austin, here in beautiful Austin TX,  know that I play wonderful music during your sessions with me. Deva is one of my favorites, singing ancient San Skrit prayer. There is where I was filled with the tremendous gratitude that I have for the unfolding of such great experiences in my life. And that I felt so wonderful with the gratitude for my life and the people in it that I wanted to keep that experience going by practicing gratitude. As you all know the number 21 is used when trying to create a habit in your life. We at Healing Care of Austin have available a 21 Day Purification Program that cleanses your bodies systems, teaches you a great eating life style and increases your ability to strengthen the health of you body, loose weight and increase your energy. Why not use that model to strengthen our gratitude in our life, and  there by bringing more things, people and situations to us to be more grateful for. Lets create more abundance, by bringing more attention to the gifts in our lives. For 21 days starting today, each night as I go to bed I will journal a short entry of what I was most grateful for that day. I invite you to do the same and also share your gratitude with those around you for they are grateful for you in their lives too. Let the magic begin. Namaste.

This is my first of what I hope to be one of many happy years of blogging. I wondered what I could possibly say to the world that would make a difference in some way. Since that is why I am here :) Why would anyone want to read what I had to say. Then it hit me. I have been immursing myself in ways and means of creating true healing within oneself for over 15 years. I can share my experiences and insights in hopes that the reader (you) can learn and evolve in ways that I have witnessed in myself and all those with who I work the magic of NSA and SRI!

I will set this intention to bring you information that will educate and uplift. That will help you on your journey of experiencing your best life ever! I will share my personal adventures and healing happenings, insights, wows and ah ha's.  

Stay tuned and thank you for allowing me into your world.

Namaste and have a great day!

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