Happiness Chiropractic and Wellness


Living a healthy life style is the most natural way to reduce stress. Sweet and simple improvements like better choices in diet, more exercise and restful sleep can make a huge difference in how stress affects you and how you deal with it. Though stress is impossible to completely avoid, you can deal with stressful situation in a more effective manner. Examine how you deal with stress, then think of positive ways to cope. Be aware of your own tension. It is vital to recognize the areas in your life that inflict the greatest levels of stress. Once you recognize these stressors you can work appropriately to minimize or eliminate them. (Smile) Knowing how to manage stress it the key. Here are a few suggestion we think will assist you in staying flexible, relaxed and clam in or around stressful environments: Go for a walk, Call a good friend, Play with a pet, Exercise, Take a long bath, Get a message, Work in the garden, Listen to music, Read a book or watch a comedy

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