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I have been doing a lot of interesting, fun, spiritual activities lately. Started off by going out to South Padre Island, being with the ocean and communing with nature. With not a soul around, I slowed down to listen to the waters music and feel the sun and wind on my skin. Then I had the privilege the following weekend to go to a Transformational Gate. Where, Dr. Donny Epstein, the founder of NSA  (Network Spinal Analysis) and SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration), the two leading edge techniques  I practice at Healing Care of Austin, was hosting a healing workshop. This one in  Denver CO, although they are hosted all over the world many times a year.  This is a space where practioners and practice members from all over the world can come to have a weekend of intense healing and connection. Then I traveled off to Ottowa Canada to attend a coaching and life development seminar hosted by two of the leading pioneers of Network Spinal Analysis in the world; Dr. Domonique Hort and Dr. Pierre Brunier. It is a blessing to have these mentors assist me in developing the practice and life of my dreams. When I got back I attended a magical, spiritual concert of Deva Premal, Miten and Manose at a local church here in Austin TX. Many of you that come to Healing Care of Austin, here in beautiful Austin TX,  know that I play wonderful music during your sessions with me. Deva is one of my favorites, singing ancient San Skrit prayer. There is where I was filled with the tremendous gratitude that I have for the unfolding of such great experiences in my life. And that I felt so wonderful with the gratitude for my life and the people in it that I wanted to keep that experience going by practicing gratitude. As you all know the number 21 is used when trying to create a habit in your life. We at Healing Care of Austin have available a 21 Day Purification Program that cleanses your bodies systems, teaches you a great eating life style and increases your ability to strengthen the health of you body, loose weight and increase your energy. Why not use that model to strengthen our gratitude in our life, and  there by bringing more things, people and situations to us to be more grateful for. Lets create more abundance, by bringing more attention to the gifts in our lives. For 21 days starting today, each night as I go to bed I will journal a short entry of what I was most grateful for that day. I invite you to do the same and also share your gratitude with those around you for they are grateful for you in their lives too. Let the magic begin. Namaste.

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