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On Mothers day I have a special reason to celebrate. I get to share my unique gifts and talents with the world every day through my devotion and care of being a Doctor of Chiropractic. I really would not be sitting here typing this if it was not for my mom. Not just because of the obvious that she brought me into this world, but that I would never of finished my doctorate if she wasn't by my side.

I decided to become a Chiropractor in my late 20's. And thinking I could do anything I put my mind to, I set off for Chiropractic college. Little did I know how demanding the curriculum would be, not to mention the long hours of additional study and labs, and the elective courses and practicums I took around the world studying Network Spinal Care at the same time. My mom always thought I bit off more than I can chew as a way of life, even as a young child, and I guess she is right to some extent.  As courses got harder and my stress levels went up, my grades and health were declining. At her suggestion, she decided to retire and to come to live with me to help around the house to ease my mind and take on domestic house duties so I could concentrate on school and my health. She helped me tremendously, and we became closer than ever. We went to the movies weekly together, hiked together and took road trips on holidays. She even was my study buddy at times and flipped flash cards for me before most of my exams and was my lab study model. I remember one morning around 5 am as I sat at my computer studying material that just wouldn't sink in and I was in full distress mode. Let me explain, I have struggled with learning all my life. Short term memory, to dyslexia to extreme test anxiety. These and dark emotions of not being like everyone else or good enough got in the way of my studies and life since I was a young girl. However, I do not give up, even if I do bite off too much. As tears rolled down my cheeks proclaiming that maybe I can't do this after all, she put her hand on my shoulder and said " You can do anything you put your mind to honey, I believe in you and I love you." " You can do this!" I swear that day was a turning point for me and I kept her words with me every day. I still can picture the scene and feel her hand on my shoulder and hear her words and feel her love and encouragement. Thank you sweet Suzanne. I love you, and I'm happy and proud to call you my mom. A mothers love is so deep and everlasting.

Happy Mothers Day Mommy! I still feel your hand on my shoulder for encouragement and your loving arms around me reminding me I am loved, more than enough and beautifully unique for who I am just the way I am. Having the support and love all along the way, I was able to finish and make her proud as the first doctor in our family.

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