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This is my first of what I hope to be one of many happy years of blogging. I wondered what I could possibly say to the world that would make a difference in some way. Since that is why I am here :) Why would anyone want to read what I had to say. Then it hit me. I have been immursing myself in ways and means of creating true healing within oneself for over 15 years. I can share my experiences and insights in hopes that the reader (you) can learn and evolve in ways that I have witnessed in myself and all those with who I work the magic of NSA and SRI!

I will set this intention to bring you information that will educate and uplift. That will help you on your journey of experiencing your best life ever! I will share my personal adventures and healing happenings, insights, wows and ah ha's.  

Stay tuned and thank you for allowing me into your world.

Namaste and have a great day!

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