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I was working with a practice member last week and she expressed her anxiety over the current affairs of the world and especially the recent Orlando shooting. I often check in with my patients to see how they are feeling to better serve them. She was in for a Network session. Each level of care coincides with an energetic body and can be linked to a feeling or an emotion. So having me know how she feels tells me how to address her nervous system through what energetic body. She said that the recent happenings left her nervous and feeling helpless. I immediately changed care strategy and decided to use Somato Respiratory Integration with her instead. Stage 1 to be specific. Connecting in the the helpless feelings through breath, touch and movement she was able, through her nervous system, make sense of how this was affecting her and rose though the experience feeling much more connected and at ease. Just a reminder that no matter what comes our way or even in the way of others we can connect in and release. When we hold on to these feelings they will affect us and those around us, they even boomerang around the world. What ever is repressed and suppressed with express somewhere else. Let's stay connected to keep our nervous system clear of interference. For yourself, others around you and the world.

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