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I was invited to a wonderful party over the weekend. Christmas festivities. It was a party thrown by a fellow chiropractor and his wife. I was very happy to see that all of the foods and deserts offered were healthy and good for you. I realize that every party is not the same. I have gone to many parties and have to pass up many options by choice. Now I often eat a healthy meal before I go and just graze on the few healthy items that most people put out. A few carrot and celery sticks, fruit and such. Making the socializing the main event. Most times I will bring a healthy dish or my own sparkling water to keep myself from feeling deprived and left out. I have in the past brought unhealthy deserts, most people are grateful but I cant help from feeling like I'm poisoning the guests. I will continue to be brave and bring healthy options, for there are probably more out there like me hanging in the wings hating the selection and the temptation and guilt of not wanting to offend or just plain trying to stick to healthy habits. Host and hostesses cant think of everything and most people think that overindulgence is what the holidays is all about.  I know how hard it is to go to all the events and not fall into the holiday trap. For years I would eat out of not wanting to offend. Now I realize that is really not taking care of my needs. So I politely decline and nibble on the better for you snacks. It always amazes me how some feel sorry for me thinking I am missing out some how. For as good as I feel sticking to a clean way of living I feel for everyone else who really doesn't know how good they can feel by making different choices. Think before you sabotage all your efforts of better health and know that a little "cheating" is ok, but it will catch up on you if your not careful.  Be well and be good to yourself. Really good to yourself.  Have a safe and wonderful holiday season :)

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