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*** Interested in an initial visit? Call 512-815-9815 then please print out and complete the initial visit form at the bottom of this page to be brought with you on your first visit.

***Already an established practice member?

Follow these instructions for ease of scheduling.

  • select time
  • complete name, email and phone
  • click complete appointment tab
  • create a password

If you have any problems with scheduling you may call the office at 512-815-9815. 

You may cancel and/or reschedule appointment while initially logged in or by clicking the link on your confirmation email. This option requires you set up your account. Please note if scheduling a "double" please space them with an hour in between. Ex. 11am and 12pm, 4:30pm and 5:30pm

*Cancelations of entrainments less than 24hrs notice will incur an office charge of $25.00.  Fee does not apply if rescheduling with in the same day and please text the office number of any last minute changes. 

Initial visits, privates and one on one visits are subject to a full office charge if not canceled or rescheduled within 24hrs.



***Click here for Initial Visit Form***