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Meet Dr. Rose


Dr. Rose Anne Mulligan, DC, ACN

Dr. Rose Anne Mulligan, better known by her beloved clients as "Dr. Rose" offers a unique twist on a time tested practice of chiropractic by using the most modern leading edge form of chiropractic offered today called Network Spinal Care. 

Dr. Rose is a Texas licensed wellness and holistically minded Chiropractor and Applied Clinical Nutritionist. A graduate of Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas in 2005. With a bachelors in Anatomy and a doctorate in Chiropractic, she has incorporated into her practice the pioneering wellness technologies of Network Spinal and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) both under the umbrella of EpiEnergetics, as founded and developed by Dr. Donald Epstein.

Practicing in Austin Tx for more than a decade, she has a deep passion for helping clients create more joy and abundant resourcefulness to experience the best that life has to offer through physical resiliency, healthy range of emotion, expanded mental clarity and consciousness and a connection with one’s true authentic self. 

She is top level 3 certified in Network Spinal. And she was honored to be selected to study directly with Dr. Epstein in his first exclusive 2015 Master-E program and continues to master her skills, create depth and proficiency yearly though extensive continued education. 

Being an Applied Clinical Nutritionist, she utilizes whole food nutrition, purification/detox programs and food coaching to further your health excellence. 

I personally welcome you to embrace that true healing of mind, body and soul can be yours. Allow me to assist you on your path to happiness. 

The new authentic you awaits.


Dr. Rose