Happiness Chiropractic and Wellness

New Clients and Inquiries


Please give our office a call to at 512-815-9815 for initial visit appointments and any

inquires about care to see if this is a great mutual fit.

Let's get started to a new energetic level of vibrant health!

Our initial visit cost $120.00/adult and teen $80/child

*Includes consultation, Chiropractic/Neurological exam, digital postural analysis, NSA session (allow for 1 hour)

* follow up report visit and personalized wellness plan 

Individual sessions prices:

NSA sessions $55.00/adults

$45.00 for seniors and students/session

$35.00 children under 16

$25.00 Children under 10

Private SRI/Wellness Coaching $75.00

Pricing for NSA and SRI are based on a session by session charge.

***Further reduction in price is achieved through care package plans for adults, seniors and teens***

Nutrition consultation $125.00 New client $75.00 existing client

** Gift certificates available for initial visits for friends and family!