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“I love the fact that the HSR gives you an objective way to measure what nutrition your body needs and how your body is responding to that nutrition.” ~Dr. Amber  

The Heart Sound Recorder is a great tool for everyone, not just people who have issues with their heart. The heart is the first organ to respond to anything having to do with nutrition - the HSR offers a window into the nutritional status of the entire body. The information Dr. Amber learns with this tool can then be used to give personalized nutritional advice, which will support the body and prevent problems - even problems one may not have known they had! 

Using the information from the HSR in conjunction with a client’s health history and concerns is a great way to prioritize the nutrition which will have the best results.



More on the HSR technology: 

Nutritional Efficiency of the Heart 

Your heart is the most important muscle in the body. 

Every day it beats 100,000 times, sending 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels. 

It is the first muscle that responds to nutrition. 

To function optimally, it is vital that the heart have the proper nutrients to maintain its correct: 

RATE Is it too fast, too slow, or, just right? 

RHYTHM Is it consistently steady? Is your heart resting twice as long as it's working? 

TONE Is it STRONG enough with no signs of weakness? 

Dr. Royal Lee, the founder of Standard Process Nutritional Products, believed that disease was nothing more than malnutrition. 


Dr. Royal Lee, 1939 

Dr. Lee fully realized the significance of the heart as a diagnostic indicator so he designed and introduced the Endocardiograph, an earlier version of the Heart Sound Recorder (HSR). This “tool” allowed the heart sounds to be graphed and evaluated and gained insight into specific nutritional deficiencies. 

Dr. Lee determined which whole food nutrients would restore the correct rate, rhythm, and tone of the heart. Then, when proper nutrition is supplied to the body, the improvement in the heart is reflected in subsequent graphs, often within minutes. 

The HEART SOUND RECORDER is a general wellness cardiac stress monitor with a specialized microphone that is placed over each of the four-valve areas of the heart to graph specific sounds and movement. The extremely accurate signature graphs of the HSR provide us with the following information: 

• Whether your heart function is optimal or less than optimal 

• If your body’s chemistry is balanced 

• If your body’s nutritional deficiencies are causing stress on your heart 

• What specific nutritional support your body is requiring 

Set up your HSR consultation today to evaluate your overall health, find any hidden problems you may have, and determine whether your body is receiving the proper nutritional balance it needs for your heart and for your other organs. Follow up HSR tests can track the progress you are making when under proper nutritional care.  

The Heart Sound Recorder is a general wellness cardiac stress monitor. Any suggested nutritional advice or dietary advice is not intended as any primary treatment or therapy for any disease or symptom. Nutritional counseling, supplement recommendations, and exercise considerations are provided to upgrade the quality of life and support the physiological processes of the human body. 

Heart Sound Recorder Consultations 

To schedule an HSR consultation click this link to her online scheduler, she can also be reached at 303.588.5671  

Link  https://go.oncehub.com/HSRGraphAppointment 

Dr. Amber looks forward to taking the very best care of you and your family. 

Preparing for your Heart Sound Recorder Evaluation 

Hydrate – make sure to drink plenty of water before your appointment. 

Do not eat for at least 90 minutes prior to the test. 

No caffeine prior to the test. 

You can take any medications or supplements that you normally take, preferably at least 90 minutes before the test. 

Dress so that you can comfortable get down to one thinner layer of clothing such as a t-shirt, tank top, (or sports bra for women). 

Remove any jewelry and/or electrical devices such as fitness watches. 

Have a relaxed time frame around the scheduled appointment. Arrive 10 minutes early to be able to relax and leave some flexible time after the appointment so that you aren’t anxious about where you need to be next as it can influence the test.

Whole Food Nutrition

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