"I’ve been working with Dr. Rose for a year now and as I look over that time I can see how much the entrainments have helped me improve and grow personally. Sometimes week to week I don’t notice the difference but with the perspective of time, I’ve realized how much I’ve opened up. And when Dr. Rose has helped me with an SRI to address something more acute, I can feel my negative emotions release by doing the SRI. So I find there’s a good combination of short and long-term benefits by doing this work with her. 

Thank you, Dr. Rose!" - Melinda P., Testimonial

“In the beginning, I was struggling with my belief in the process.  Another practice member once told me, while I was in a session with Dr. Rose, they thought Network Spinal was all bullshit at first, but they have been happily coming for seven years now and wouldn’t do life without it.  

I believe I bring a healthy amount of skepticism with a balance of openness to life and all its possibilities. This work definitely pushes my boundaries. I still sometimes struggle with having faith that Network Spinal is working.  

This is where Dr. Rose fits in.  

She’s been very patient with me throughout the whole process. Her energy is comforting, seductive, and healing. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher and friend. She truly loves what she does and it shows with how she treats her patients, friends, and herself. Dr. Rose is an artist with a touch of love. Love is God‘s most powerful weapon and with love, all things can be conquered.  

While working with Dr. Rose I have tried to be a patient observer and allow change to happen without force. I have noticed a difference in my blood pressure going down, my stress bouncing off of me with no explanation, things just working out, but at a faster pace now. Also, the pain levels are going down and getting to the source. I have a new level of understanding greater than when I started. I am finally experiencing what it feels like to flow throughout the day by staying in the moment, remaining calm, energetic, and not reacting to stress.  

I’m growing, learning, and healing. The experience has been very positive.  As a natural skeptic, I may still question myself if this really is working or is it all in my head. Either way, it doesn’t matter if it's working. 

Thank you again, Dr. Rose. You are a ROCKSTAR!” - Jacob L.

                                     ~ Testimonial

"Dr. Rose has helped me with more than the pain 

Thank you Dr. Rose for the kindness and patience that you have shown me from day 1. When I started with the Happiness program I was lost on what to do with my chronic pain. I have tried everything therapy, traditional chiropractic, yoga, meds of all types, diets, supplements, meditation, self-help. I have discovered more than I thought I would about myself since joining in July. 

There are a lot of internal layers to peel back to fix my chronic pain. I discovered that the power to heal is inside of me by using breath and self-talk. By doing my SRI practice at home or in my car anywhere even at work, I now know when I feel a trigger and can stop new pain /energy from getting stuck in my body, without my practice I will stay in the body of pain forever. Even though I'm new to SRI and feel like I am not perfect I do it anyway. I do it because I trust Dr. Rose cares and is trained to help people just like me. 

The Happiness program of Network Spinal, Somato Respiratory Integration, and nutritional counseling with Dr. Rose has really shown me I have much more to learn about the energy  I have inside of me. There is a life force that wants me to be bright-eyed and happy it's on my side and loves me without judgment. 

I have learned so much from Dr. Rose in the past 2 months. My pain is more than a medical diagnosis. It's how I have lived my life from my inner thoughts, diet, how I communicate with others, hanging onto a story from my past, and how it affects all aspects of life since basically birth until now. She has changed my life in the following ways: 

Less pain 

Less stress 

A better understanding of what my triggers are with people and food. 

Patience with myself and others. 

I practice living life at the moment more than in the past or the future. 

I know life is going to be better if I open my heart by releasing judgment towards myself and others. 

I'm excited and blessed to continue my journey with Dr. Rose and Happiness!" - Tiffany G.



“Working with Dr. Rose and being a practice member at Happiness has been a life changing experience for me. With Network Spinal and Somato Respiratory Integration, not only do I feel and look better, but I am also able to handle stressful situations in life. I started out being very fearful of living the life that I truly wanted. I often found myself losing hope and going back to my old ways. Dr. Rose helped he realize that this is just a part of my transformation in life. Even though I consciously wanted to change, subconsciously I wanted to go back to my comfort zone. I realized that my body has adjusted accordingly to the trauma that I have faced in life, and it constantly wants to keep me alert and safe. Doing SRIs and identifying these patterns helped me unlock the trauma spots in my body and keep me in a more relaxed and confident state, greatly reducing the fear and anxiety that I used to have. I am now more welcoming of what the world has to offer, and I don't try to shield myself as often. I am also able to respond to stressful situations much better, instead of reacting or even over-reacting to them. Thank you Dr. Rose for helping me unlock my true self and for leading me to a path of more freedom.” -Navin R.


(After only 7 visits in care) My Overall wellbeing has been drastically affected! I'm more relaxed, I sleep better, my general feelings have improved- physically, emotionally, spiritually- I am thrilled with my results!  Thank you Dr. Rose !!” - Kristal H.

— Testimonial

For me, the new year not only represents a new beginning but also a time to reflect on experiences from the past year. The one experience that stands out the most is my discovery of Dr. Mulligan. In my search for relief from a car accident a few months before, I had been working with several health practitioners with not much lasting success. Under Dr. Mulligan’s care , my overall health has improved - and not just the physical damages I incurred from the accident. I am grateful and look forward to a much stronger, healthier and pain free new year!! I cannot express the amount of gratitude I feel for being under Dr. Mulligan’s care. I not only consider you, Dr. Mulligan, my health practitioner, but also a caring, dear and true friend. Most Respectfully, Terry P” - Terry P.

— Testimonial

I am very lucky to live, work, and travel full time in an RV. Because of that, I get to visit Network doctors all over the country. And when my travels bring me back to Austin, there are a few people I look forward to re-connecting with more than Dr. Rose. The results I get with her are just unlike any other doc that has entrained me, and she is without a doubt THE BEST network doc I have visited.” - Rod B.

— Testimonial

Everyday we have tasks, sometimes they are stressful and may seem a bit overwhelming. I've found after coming for weekly NSA entrainments and incorporating SRI in my daily routine those tasks aren't so challenging. The discomfort in my neck is relieved and I find that I stay calm and focused durning those times that aren't so smooth. And, after my nutritional consult with Dr. Rose the stomach problems that I thought were hereditary, were due to my diet that I developed from my family and I don't suffer from digestive issues anymore of course after a few subtle changes. Well worth it . . . no more Pepto for me! I've found value to living a happy healthy life always, thanks Dr. Rose a wellness doctor that is patient and truly cares.” - Dana F.

— Testimonial

My experience of Network Chiropractic Care is that, it gently, lovingly, safely invites me into unknown places of beauty & power in myself which I had shut myself off to long ago. When I am on the table breathing, surrendering, relaxing I feel held in this safe container where I can unpeel the thick skin & expose the vulnerability. Within that vulnerability I am held so safely to the point where I find my own safety within me while I move & breathe. This form of of chrio has given me my life back because it reconnects me to my heart, joy, excitement, creativity, play. It is a HUGE Gift you give yourself. I am worth it! Yay! Thank you! ” - Carla B.

— Testimonial

For years now I have been exhausted, unable to focus, unmotivated, and afraid of taking risks. I blamed it on "Mommy Brain" for a while. Then when my daughter turned 4 and I didn't get any sharper, I started to wonder if there was more to it. I tried being really good about taking my supplements and made sure to eat really well, but noticed little to no difference. Then this past May I was blessed to meet Dr. Rose Ann Mulligan at the Body Mind and Spirit Expo. She was giving free body scans and consultations. After seeing and learning about the results from my scan, I decided to give Network Chiropractic a try. I felt an immediate shift in myself after my first session with Dr. Mulligan. I felt more at peace and at home in my skin. My mind also felt much clearer and I had energy. The day after my first session I received an email about an audition coming up, as I often do. This time, without even thinking, and before I had a chance to come up with 100 excuses of why I couldn't, I replied "I would love to audition for your show". There was absolutely no fear there. I actually showed up to the audition and was later told that I owned that audition! I was cast as one of the lead roles as a dancer and actress. During a rehearsal a week before the show was to open, I injured myself. I woke up in the middle of the night to the room spinning. I was terrified that something was very wrong with me, and that I would not get to be in the performance. I went to see Dr. Mulligan the next day and felt a lot less dizzy and a lot more hopeful. She had me come again the next morning and taught me some breathing exercises from the Somato Respiratory Integration technique. The dizziness completely went away. I was able to perform full out and did not have the injury reoccur. I am so thankful to have Dr. Mulligan in my life. I feel so much more alive, clear, and motivated. I look so forward to my sessions at Healing Care of Austin. It is 30 minutes where I get to relax, meditate, heal, and focus on myself. I truly believe in Network Chiropractic, it makes so much sense to me and it really works. Dr. Mulligan is extremely intuitive and is a very powerful healer. I tell everyone I know to try a session with her. I know they too will see results.” - Robin H.

— Testimonial